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Mountain View

Our Team

Small But Mighty!

Our team of interpreters, designers, and illustrators can help you

create interpretation that will resonate well with your visitors.

Logo (Lens Creek Studios)
Logo (Lens Creek Studios)

 “Appalachia is

my adventure, and

I’ve spent a lifetime collecting memories.” 

Terry Hackney


An adventurer with an appetite for

sharing stories. Enjoys bicycling,

photography, and pretty much

anything in the great outdoors.

“I enjoy looking for

the hidden gems of our world and sharing them with others through

my photographs.” 

Rosanna Springston

Interpretive Planner

A Certified Interpretive Guide, Rosanna is also a Master Naturalist. She loves exploring nature, backpacking, sifting through archives, and is an accomplished photographer and artist. 

 “As a child, history and technology museums inspired a sense of discovery in me.” 

Dave Vago

Creative Director,  Designer, and Planner

David has long been Co-owner/CEO with  Historic Resource Design and Planning. He has an immense knowledge of industry, transportation, and American history. 

 “The best day is the one you can spend outdoors with friends.” 

Kenzie Wolfe


Kenzie has a great interest in vintage illustration and digital media. She loves the outdoors and spending time with her dog Sadie Mae.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Anonymous

Jodi Burnsworth

Interpretive Writer

Discovering a passion for story-telling as a kid, Jodi recorded stories on her Fisher-Price tape recorder! She also enjoys photography and travel.

 “Through interpretation, understanding; through understanding, appreciation; through appreciation, protection.”

Freeman Tilden

Hunter Lesser


Hunter has degrees in Anthropology and

Natural Science as well as a diverse

background in archaeology, writing,

lecturing, and historical interpretation.

“Always encourage others to be better,

and build up

other's efforts.”

Kortney Crigger


 A fine arts graduate with a passion for illustration—especially birds. Her favorite aspect of wildlife illustration is learning about new species and capturing fine detail. 

 “For me, design tells stories, conveys ideas and emotions to others through a combination of images and symbols.

It’s magic!”

Mel McKenzie

Illustrator and Designer

A double-major in Multi-media

Communications and Applied

Technologies, Mel loves digital art,

web design, logos, and more. 

“We all have a story to tell.

Let's tell yours!”

Brian Castro

Photographer and Videographer

A graduate of the Nashville Film Institute, Brian enjoys good whiskey, telling stories with his camera, and making people happy through his art.

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