Your trail users will love this kiosk!

Bicycle Maintenance Kiosk (Balance Due)

  • Balance due on this kiosk is $3,550.00.

    Balance due on this kiosk includes pier pads for the kiosk and one pad for the bicycle stand (not included).

    This kiosk is made of borate-treated white pine timbers, designed to be long-lasting and low maintenance. Clear polycarbonate roof is included to allow for maximum light.

    Tongue-and-groove panel space measures approximately 44 square feet inside the kiosk and is useful for interpretive panels, maps, posters, etc. The outside may be used as well.


    Please note: This kiosk does not include interpretive panels or the bicycle maintenance stand. Customer is responsible for installation of same, although Lens Creek Studios may help install at no additional cost. Thomas location completed on November 3, 2021.